30+ best examples and how to write your own

What is a career goal on a CV?

A career goal, more commonly known as recovery goal, is a 2-4 sentence self-introduction and statement of intent that you put at the top of your CV.

Each sentence in a CV objective touches on specific information about your professional background and skills. Together these phrases concisely explain why you are the best fit for a particular job posting.

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Your career goal can generally be broken down into three concise sentences.

Knowing how to write a good resume objective that gets you the job is a skill, and like any skill, it takes time to master. We are here to teach you this skill.

After showing you how to write an objective for your CV, we will provide you with 30 CV objective examples for different levels of experience and industries.

Does my CV need a career goal?

No, your resume doesn’t need a career goal. However, your CV should start with an introduction. And for many people, a job goal is the perfect opening for their resume.

the three major groups of Job seekers best suited for using a resume objective are:

  1. People with work experience who really want a job in a specific company
  2. Recent graduates (with or without experience)
  3. Inexperienced Job Seekers // High School Students

If you belong to one of these groups, writing a focused objective on your CV helps you market to an employer why you are a good fit for the job, despite the gaps in experience or skills.

How to write a career goal (with examples)

To write a good resume objective, first think about how your personal background (experience, skills, education, and interests) makes you the best candidate for the job. Why should this specific company hire you for this job posting? What makes you better than the other candidates?

The purpose of your resume shouldn’t be just why you want the job, either. Instead, your goal should demonstrate how you would best use your skills, knowledge, and experience to help the business achieve its goals.

Here’s how to write a general resume objective if you 1.) have work experience, 2.) are a recent graduate (with little to no experience), or 3.) are a job seeker inexperienced or a high school student:

1. If you have relevant work experience

If you have two or more years of work experience related to the job you want, write your resume objective using this structure:

      • First sentence: Number of years of relevant work experience, plus 2-4 examples of your main duties during those years
      • Second sentence: Your diploma and qualifications (licenses or associated certificates)
      • Third sentence: How your skills, qualities and qualifications make you a strong candidate for the job

Resume objective example (with experience)

Here’s an example of a professional customer service resume goal:

Customer Service Representative with over 6 years of experience in telephone and face-to-face sales, hotel reservations and account administration. Possess a BA in communication and SalesForce certification. Aim to use my proven customer service, sales and communication skills to effectively fulfill the leadership role in your business.

This career goal successfully (and quickly) argues that the candidate would be successful in a leadership role by showcasing their relevant experience and skills at the top of their resume.

In addition, the candidate mentions his “proven” skills as he plans to develop further in his work experience section. You can make such statements about yourself if you can save them elsewhere in your application (such as in your cover letter).

2. If you are a recent college graduate (little or no relevant experience)

When writing a recent resume or college student, divide your resume goal statement into the following sentences to better showcase the professional abilities you have honed as a as a student:

      • First sentence: Your degree and years of relevant experience (if applicable)
      • Second sentence: How you work hard, are reliable, and focused on achieving company goals
      • Third sentence: Your best provable traitsand the role in which you want to apply these traits

CV objective example (internship experience only)

Here’s an example of a resume goal written by a recent college graduate:

Recent college graduate with a BA in English Literature and six months of international internship experience. Dedicated worker aiming to help achieve (company name) goals and take on more responsibility as quickly as possible. Seeking to leverage the academic knowledge and work experience gained to effectively fill your Open Office Clerk position.

The student who wrote this particular resume objective has internship experience. Because any kind of relevant experience is valuable to employers, it should always be highlighted in the first sentence of an objective statement.

If you don’t have any work experience or are writing a resume for an internship, you will need to incorporate academic accomplishments into your goal to make it effective. Here are some resources that can help you determine your best academic achievements and if they can be applied to your own resume goal:

3. If you are in high school or have no relevant experience

If you do not have work experience or a college degree, you will need to focus on general traits of your character, personality, and work ethic in the goal of your CV – any details about why you would be a good employee if you are hired.

Write an effective objective for your resume by breaking it down into three sentences:

      • First sentence: Self-introduction where you mention your strongest traits (provable)
      • Second sentence: How reliable you are and how well you have company goals in mind
      • Third sentence: What role you want to occupy and the skills you can apply to that role

Resume objective sample (no experience)

Here’s an example of a career goal for a high school student resume.

Hardworking student (3.5 / 4.0 GPA) with proven leadership and organizational skills, and careful attention to detail. Dedicated team player who can be counted on to help (company name) achieve their goals. Seeking to apply my abilities to fill the internship position listed on your website.

This student claims to have leadership and organizational skills as main traits, and then includes a high GPA.

Remember, these claims have to be proven later. Perhaps this student was an elected class leader or helped organize school dances. This information should be included elsewhere on a CV if it is mentioned in the career objective.

Here is a short list of school activities and their associated character traits to find ideas for your own resume goal:

School activity Associated character traits
Student government: Leadership, management, organization
Sports: Team player, disciplined, strategic
Theater arts: Public speaking, presentation skills, interpersonal skills
Various clubs: Committed, active, friendly, enthusiastic
Academics: Analytical, hardworking, fast learner

30 Using objective examples

Looking for examples of winning resume goals that you can draw inspiration from when writing your own? Whether you need samples from experienced applicants, examples written by recent graduates, or objective high school / inexperienced samples, we provide 10 of each below.

10 Examples of General Resume Goals (with Experience)

The following 10 CV goal statements are all examples of how to write a career goal if you have more than 2 years of experience in your profession:

Examples of related CVs:

10 examples of resume goal statements (recent graduates, little experience)

Are you new to the job market or applying for a job where you lack experience? These 10 Sample Resume Goals provide ideas on how to write your own opening statement and start things off strong with a hiring manager.

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