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Recruiters are puzzles in the job search process. The whole job of a hiring manager is to choose the best candidate for the company’s job opening. It weighs on their shoulders to sort through hundreds of resumes, schedule and conduct interviews, and inform managers of the results of the job opening.

The most successful job seekers get the best opportunities because they tend to think like the hiring manager. Here’s what you need to know about a hiring manager:

A hiring manager chooses a resume that stands out

Yes it is that easy. For every vacant position advertised, hundreds of resumes appear in the hiring manager’s office. They don’t have time to read each of them, so they usually scan CVs – (see 9 seconds). Then they keep two piles: one for the rejected and the other for the future interviewees.

If you want to build that last stack, you need to create a resume that stands out, readable, and presentable.

A hiring manager wants you to personalize your CV

Personalization is the key word. Pay attention to your CV, and the hiring manager will surely give you special attention.

Hiring managers are seasoned people who know when a CV is suitable for the specific job posting, or just a generic one ready for any kind of job opening. Remember that you want to sound like you are interested in the specific position and that you are capable of doing it.

A hiring manager searches for certain keywords that trigger a qualification

As the hiring manager goes through your resume, use action keywords and keywords to convey your accomplishments and qualifications. And try not to repeat the same words.

Use a thesaurus for different variations. Hiring managers also love to see keywords mirror the ones they use. So take a look at the job description, read the company’s annual report, and try to use similar wording. Hiring managers don’t usually waste time researching keywords, so make sure they stand out.

A hiring manager appreciates proofreading your CV

Hiring managers are sensitive to grammar and spelling mistakes. If they see a typo, your resume goes in the trash – or they keep it for entertainment.

A hiring manager is impressed when you come in your best suit for the interview

Coming for an interview in your best suit will impress the hiring manager because they think you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into making yourself more presentable.

No ripped jeans, t-shirts and shorts, but conservative work attire will tell you how professional you are.

A hiring manager appreciates the interviewee’s preparation

Since interviews are often scheduled days or weeks in advance, what irritates the hiring manager more than anything is the lack of preparation – either showing up late or neglecting to do so. Bring documents or know nothing about the company.

On the other hand, they love it when you are prepared – when they see you’ve reviewed the business, why you want to work there, and what you can contribute. It shows professionalism and passion. So, get to know the company and the industry. There are a multitude of resources, such as Hoover.

While part of your job application is in the hands of the hiring manager, knowing what they have in mind for a job posting will help you plan your action.

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