Best CV format For a Personal Assistant 2021

The choice of CV format for a personal assistant will be limited to one of three scenarios:

Your previous work experience is at the center of your CV
Your skills list is your main pride
Both are just as important.
At the beginning of your career, you can focus more on developing your skills, in which case the functional CV format may be your best choice. However, for most other stages of your career, the reverse chronological CV format will be optimal because it focuses on your past jobs as proof of competence. This CV format highlights your work experience as the largest CV section with the largest number of words and chips.

A personal assistant CV (also known as a CV in countries other than the U.S. and Canada) must be as beautiful as it reads, formatting and CV design are also important.

Resume.io offers CV samples for a wide variety of occupations, including categories called Simple, Creative, Professional and Modern. You may want to turn to the professional, whom we describe as “winning role models for a job to showcase professionalism, reliability and expertise.”

Scroll through the options here and you’ll find many CV templates to choose from. You can always design your own, if you wish, but we recommend using a professional model for many reasons. You’ll avoid many potential design flaws, save you a lot of time and end up with a CV that has been field-tested and proven.

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