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As the world migrates to a digital business community, resume writing has started to lag behind, sticking to more rigid resume conventions, with long, objective statements and overly flowery language. which may be lacking in real substance. The “meat” would be left for the interview.

However, over the past 12 months things have started to change rapidly. More and more applicants find that dusting off a CV from 10, 5 or even 2 years ago and just adding their last job description doesn’t help. take advantage of career opportunities.

Employers in today’s marketplace receive so many applicants that your worth should be immediately identifiable. In any job market, but especially in a depressed economy, spending time is crucial focus on the real function CV – namely the scoring of this important interview.

So what is it that attracts an employer?

His less of what you want and more on this they or they need. So, throw away the summary explaining what your goals are – and replace it with a business-focused value proposition, with a well-written sentence or two about what you bring to your potential employer.

Next, more importantly, you need to focus on the real deal of selling yourself. Promoting your own worth isn’t a comfort zone for many people, but it’s exactly what it takes to land an interview in today’s market.

Just like, if you are a company doing business without a website to back up your proposition, you will lack credibility, it just doesn’t pay to be a job seeker these days without the full package. . A catchy CV and a well-written cover letter are no longer enough – an active online presence in the form of a social media profile is imperative.

Resumes are worth their time for now – and for the future – include links to professional networking and self-marketing sites like LinkedIn. But if you choose to include a link on your resume to your LinkedIn profile, you must spend time doing it right.

A potential employer who takes the trouble to visit your LinkedIn site won’t want to see a bare profile or an insignificant assortment of connections with your friends. They want to see strong and relevant associations, personal references, a great portfolio and in short – a professional reflection of you and how others see you.

A good rule of thumb would be 3 or 4 referrals per 100 contacts. Be relevant and thorough. Cover each base; it’s more important than ever to present your public information where hiring managers can find you. Remember to update your profiles regularly.

Another trend that we are starting to see used occasionally in resume writing is infographics. A dashboard of your skills and experience at a glance, infographics can be a captivating demonstration of your abilities.

Adding a QR code can also set you apart. This interesting visual representation of you can be incredibly valuable, but it should be used with care.

Be careful making sure your resume still has some substance (you still need a value proposition). If your career has jumped all over the place, it will just look like a gimmick, but if your infographic shows steady progress or demonstrates experience in a multitude of areas demanded by the position you’re applying for, then an infographic is a perfect fit. to stand out from the crowd.

Video resumes or personal video presentations are also increasingly popular, but proceed with caution. Yes, a great idea for an aerobics instructor or public speaker, but for an expedition manager? You better do it right or you’ll fall prone. Rather than getting the interview, you’ll stand out for the wrong reasons.

It’s worth keeping an element of control in mind with tools like Skype. It can be easy to sign up for all kinds of communication tools, announce your connectivity, and then quickly forget to sign up, let alone keep up to date. ; another profile. If you join and add your Skype contact on LinkedIn, you need to make sure you have at least one professional photo, keep Skype open, and retrieve your messages.

In summary, job search trends are just one step behind the digital evolution. Tap into all the new tools you can, but make sure your online personality is substantial and well thought out, with strict attention to detail. Respect the old saying – do it right or not at all!

So, will your profile eventually evolve into a sophisticated programmatic hologram that can interview live anytime?

Is the standard CV on the way out? What does the CV of the future look like?

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