How far should a resume go?

how far should a resume go?

Many job seekers are often faced with the question how far a resume has to go up. When creating your document, be sure to think about it before you begin. Breaking down each job in your career could have a big impact on how your resume turns out.

To help you design a better CV and give you advice If you get stuck, this article takes a close look at how far to mount your application materials. It details:

  • What you should do if you’ve had a long career
  • How many years of experience you should include
  • Why it can be beneficial to have a cutoff point in your career history

General rule: do not go back more than 10 years

Most employment experts agree that extend back10 years in your career is enough for an effective CV. This rule of thumb works in most cases, although there may be a few exceptions.

It is of course possible that you have had a longer career than the 10 years you can safely list. However, adding more jobs to your Work Experience section can hurt your prospects. Let’s see why.

Why your CV shouldn’t include everything about your career

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t add all the jobs you’ve had to your resume. If you have more than 10 years in your career, you should consider cutting older jobs to help. improve your CV in the following ways.

It won’t be too long

Long CVs normally lose positions. Recruiters often don’t have time to read them completely and may even just ignore them. Best length is approx. a letter page (8.5 “x 11”), although you can stretch up to two pages if needed.

By making sure your resume is never more than 10 years old (or less if you’ve had a lot of jobs during that time), you will be able to keep the length good and short. That way, the recruiter will be able to read it quickly and quickly select some of your most interesting features.

It will remain relevant

Recruiters are most interested in knowing more about your recent experience. Sure, they’ll take a look at your long-term work history, but your latest accolades will always hold the most attention.

Resumes must be relevant. Jobs that are older or that don’t match your current career path can be detrimental rather than helpful. By always focusing on the perfect fit of the job description, you will be more likely to call on the hiring manager.

You will not be exposed to age discrimination

The longer you work, the more exposed you are to possible age discrimination. This is an unfortunate fact of the job search process and while lawmakers and hiring managers find new ways to avoid this, it still happens sometimes.

Employers may find resumes with a longer work history going back decades in the past to be less attractive than those of more recent applicants. This is because recruiters often take a long-term approach to new hires. If you it looks like your career is coming to an end you may not fit the bill either.

When to extend more than 10 years back

If you want to add information about a job goes back over a decade in your career there are situations where you can do this, for example if you have worked at a job for more than 10 years. You should carefully consider whether you want to add an older job if it meets any of the following criteria.

It depends on the position you are targeting

When a previous position is relevant to the position you are aiming for, you may consider adding it. If your career has been varied and your career has taken many different paths, then you will be able to consider adding a older job.

You had a catchy job title

When you had a prestigious job title or worked for a large company, he may be able to help your chances. Businesses will view this type of experience with interest and if it can increase your chances, it may warrant inclusion.

A longer career can often be advantageous. However, there are some ways representing this on your CV that could harm or help your document. As always, make sure your resume the games with your greatest strength by carefully selecting the information you include.

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