How to prepare for a job interview

After putting some time and effort into writing a great CV and cover letter, you find yourself among the few applicants to get a job interview.

But getting that new job is a full-time job in itself, so there is still a lot of time and effort to be done. If you really want to be successful in your interview, most of the work you will have to do will be preparation.

Here are some of the top ways you can prepare for a successful job interview.

What to wear for a job interview

You can’t make a second first impression, and unfortunately the first thing investigators notice about you probably won’t be your skills, knowledge, or even your demeanor – the first thing they’ll see is what you are doing. are. wearing.

Therefore, it is important that you dress properly: no jeans or shorts; no sandals or running shoes; and no loose casual outfits. Instead, dress in the right size shirts, pants and dresses or skirts and don’t show your underwear; and socks to match the rest of your outfit.

We advise you to avoid dressing for current trends unless you can afford to replace your wardrobe in the future. A more cost effective and secure strategy is to dress more traditionally with a classic suit or dress. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure it’s comfortable as you don’t want to be constantly fussing and grimacing during your interview.

Make sure your outfit is washed and arranged the night before, and make sure there are no creases or tears. The same can be said for your person: make sure you are freshly washed and shaved.

The better you look, the more confident you will feel and the more confident you will project.

Search the company

If you’ve followed our tips for writing your CV and cover letter, you’ll have done quite a bit of research on the company by now. However, there is a good chance that you have also researched other companies for other applications. So it’s time to refresh yourself quickly. There are a few points you should focus on in particular that will help you during your interview:

Annual Report

Pick the keywords they use most often, because the business obviously thinks they’re important. As you prepare to answer standard interview questions, practice using some of the keywords in a natural way. This will help convince interviewers that you are culturally appropriate.

Management team and interviewers

LinkedIn is your friend here. Knowing the backgrounds, styles and interests of those who will be interviewing you will really help you break the ice. Not only will this help them develop a bond with them, but it will also convince them that you can fit in with the rest of the business.

Recent press releases

This will help you learn about new extensions and initiatives from their company (or discounts). Pick the items that you find really most interesting and form a few questions to ask them when you get the chance.

It will show your knowledge and interest in them and their big plans, and if you can seem sincere in doing it rather than just going through the motions, you will set yourself apart from your competition.

Common Job Interview Questions

The point of knowing the types of questions interviewers will ask you isn’t to memorize a predefined answer, but so you’re ready to answer them comfortably and honestly. You want to sound sincere, not like an audio recorder.

Not just because you’ll look boring and unimpressive, but a good interviewer might start asking you questions in ways that trip you up. Or you can start reading the interviewer to the point where you realize, on the spot, that you have a better way to respond. Either way, you want to be flexible in how you can answer their questions.

So, when you read a list of common interview questions, start thinking about how to combine the research you have done with the main skills and qualities about yourself that you want to project to them. You may want to spend more time on some of the more difficult questions you will likely be asked.

Managing Anxiety During Interviews

In recent years, we have all come to realize that anxiety and depression are issues that many people face, and I am willing to admit that I am one of them.

I know firsthand that stressful situations will always exacerbate it, and it’s a safe assumption that there will be people who experience some level of anxiety about their job interview. # 39; hiring to come. The rest of the prep we advise you to do above will help it feel more manageable, but there are a few other tips I can give that I know have helped me keep my calm.

The biggest help for me is mindfulness meditation. It’s not the kind of spiritual meditation you might think of when you first hear about it, but it’s incredibly useful for dealing with stress of any type in any situation. With practice, you can “meditate” while walking down the street.

Another way to help keep your stress wrapped up before your interview is to cut down on foods and drinks that make things worse. Coffee can help you feel awake, but it will also make you more nervous and nervous than you otherwise would. If you think you need a pick-me-up, try Gatorade or something that isn’t caffeine-free. Sugar and alcohol are also things to avoid before your interview.

Finally, sleep. Hopefully these tips will help you keep stress from keeping you awake, but do everything you can to be rested and alert on the day of your interview. Getting a good night’s sleep will not only keep you alert, but will also help you feel more relaxed and calm.

I have no regrets

The last thing you want to do is walk away from an interview feeling like you could have done better.

The more prepared you are, the better able you’ll be to deal with whatever investigators may throw at you. Even if you end up not getting that job, if you impress them enough, you will surely be on their radar for the future. Maybe the person they’re hiring isn’t working, or maybe there’s another job offer that they think you’ll fit.

Be as ready as possible and make them want you.

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